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Business Process Transformation - Intro

Introduction to multi-part series on the convergence of Business Process Automation, Low Code and Digital Transformation

Companies must always be changing Process in the Modern Digital Age.

It's been on my mind for some time...we talk to customers everyday about making their businesses "more agile & competitive" in the modern digital commercial age. We compare the models of companies 'of-the-past' like Sears, Kodak and Blackberry that failed to innovate & change with customer buying habits. Quick to idolize the likes of Amazon, Apple and Uber for connecting customer demand with product supply. All this time, we have to bring the story to customers that don't have the deep pockets of these Wall Street darlings.

Sensibly, it is easier than it is harder. We find the largest barriers for customers is Culture & Change..

Culture Barrier

Many companies have found their success in exciting & innovate culture codes, propping up the freedom of their employees to make best decisions for their customers without complex management approvals or strict policies. Rackspace Managed Hosting is a great example of this, with their "Fanatical Support"; edging away at their global cloud rivals by promising "real people support" and guaranteed support resolution time-frames. I recently had to call a VERY large Cloud Provider for support on a large customer proof-of-concept we were working on. Not only was it embarrassing for me, but the customer too felt victim.

Companies must open themselves to new cultural definitions, and these need to be instituted by everyone from executive leadership, human resources, marketing and easily consumable for the customer-facing team members.

Change Barrier

All too common in larger, established companies is the resistance to Change. Rather you are a 100+ year old Grocery Store or a 20+ year old Technology Company. Every industry has it's 'generational markers' where their business has changed dramatically either due to technology (Internet, mobile devices, cloud computing) or customer (purchasing trends, target demographics, regional factors). And as easily as we change our personal habits to exemplify these consumer trends, people resist the need to change in their work habits; attempting to "do things the way we always have", creating process & ideas change barriers that I like to refer to as "old tape".

Large, paternal organizations struggle with removing the "old tape" and introducing new & more efficient ways of doing day-to-day jobs, just "because we have always done it that way".

So, as my introduction to my multi-part series on what I now call "Business Process Transformation", I want to dissect these organizational challenges we see and highlight some successful means of mitigating these Culture & Change Barriers. At vNEXT, we drive the importance of Business Process Automation & advantages of Low Code paradigm; but we are really initiating a broader Digital Transformation exercise through modernizing how employees do their jobs and integration of a wide-range of application & technology assets.

Welcome to Business Process Transformation, where Business Process Automation, Low Code and Digital Transformation converge.
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