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Being Small in a Field of Giants.

How a "Boutique" Technology Firm partners with the world's largest Consulting and Systems Integration Firms

Being the "best" does not mean you have to be "big" too.

I have been there, like many others. Started my career working for one of the largest technology consulting firms in the world, and then "standing in a field of giants" when I got into Oil & Gas. It can be daunting at first, $100M and $333M budgets associated to multi-billion dollar global projects. For someone just starting their career, it almost begins to numb you to the scale of what you are working on, and some times you begin to feel quite insignificant in these 'bigger pictures' you have to operate in. It takes a few years, but you begin to determine just who is key to success in these large projects and organizations, and it becomes obvious the weight of progress & success falls on those 'leads'.

With complex global industry requirements and regional industry regulations, it just doesn't take a village but a city of legal, finance, human resources, technology, transportation (and on..) to manage all the various aspects of Global Energy. So you go from industry project & initiative 'leads' to small armies of specialists bearing their expertise on-demand.

And here is where the "specialist" becomes invaluable.

In Information Technology, customers have been burned by the "one-stop-shop" firms. Lack of accountability & inconsistent expertise have lead to failed project after failed project.

When you hire an attorney, accountant, physician or engineer, you rarely go to firm that says "we do it all! and we do it under one roof!". We know in the modern age of science & information that there is soo much to learn & understand within one area of practice, its impossible for any one individual to 'know it all'. And even working with a group of professional practitioners, you see all sorts of in-fighting from who leads the engagement to how it is handled. We won't even get into the financial squab-lings over estimates & billing of work!

Intimidating as it may be with these global technology services organizations owning the largest of accounts to be had, you find more and more that they understand these perils too. They have been burned and taken sizable losses associated to internal mismanagement of specialized resources and their associated interests.

The modern day Global Technology Services firm recognizes it can manage & own the strategic customer relationship, must source specialized practitioners to fulfill and provide accountability in complex engagements

In fact, in today's business world, if someone is truly an "expert" in their field of practice; would they work for significantly less under the overhead of a global company or just be in business for themselves? Sure they all started and got their starts as juniors in established companies, however it's hard to hold such specialized expert skills without aggressive employment arrangements. The exception in everyone's minds here is, there are highly skilled practitioners who just don't want to deal with the 'business' of doing business and are intimidated by the prospect of sales cycles associated to compensation, etc.

At vNEXT, we pride ourselves in being "the best of the best", a boutique firm focused on Business Process Automation & Low Code, and that's it!

Our global consultancy partners get that, and allows them to engage us in what we do best and allowing them to do what they do best!

The analogy of "David & Goliath" need not apply. We are not battling them nor do we see them as competitors. In fact we find that we generate more revenue for them than us, as we solve some of the most critical customer problems that are holding back large infrastructure, cloud and application purchases.

We like to say, "we free the log jam in customer readiness to acquire new technology".

To often the customer is inhibited by Business Process issues and challenges of 'consuming' new technology by it's employees (and customers), that acquiring & migrating to new technology is prohibited. We solve that for our systems integrator, independent software vendors and global consulting firm partners.

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