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Not Just BPA + LC + DX...

As experts in Business Process Automation, Low-Code and Digital Transformation; we often have to introduce a variety of broader skillsets to compliment our core objectives. When needed, we can offer these exclusively to assist in other customer projects and transformational efforts.

Agile Process Optimization


vNEXT has developed a leading edge methodology and technology tool set that effectively optimizes and spans all corporate enterprise people,  processes and systems. We literally fix, optimize, change, and give transparency and visibility to your problematic work challenges in days and weeks, not months and years. This is our passion, to optimize your business one step at a time. We are a third party partner that has your company’s best interest in mind for the most agile and efficient way your business can run, today. Agility realized.

Agile Software Engineering


Agile software development is a set of principles for software development in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing,[1] cross-functional teams. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change.[2] Agile itself has never defined any specific methods to achieve this, but many have grown up as a result and have been recognized as being ‘Agile’.

The Manifesto for Agile Software Development,[3] also known as the Agile Manifesto, was first proclaimed in 2001.


Project Management Offices (Agile and Waterfall)


We are subject matter experts in both Agile and Waterfall Project Management Offices (PMO). We have experienced and built them from cradle to grave for large enterprises, as well as small and medium businesses and start ups. We love them and we hate them. We love them when they are a facilitator of agility for the business, and we hate them when they do the opposite. Bottom line, we know how to make them better using our methodologies and technology tool sets. In fact, we can transform your PMO in days and weeks, not months and years.

A helpful explanation of PMO(s) in an agile and waterfall world,\ .

Product Management Offices (Agile and Waterfall)

vNEXT transforms organizations and individuals to perform highly effective Product Management based on our innovative and easily adopted Optimal Product Management framework (280 Group licensed).

We believe:

Effective Product Management Methodology contributes to healthy organizations, high quality products, profitable businesses and high customer satisfaction.
Higher profits, better products and long-term competitive advantage are the result of implementing excellent Product Management methodology.
Well-trained Product Managers and Product Marketing Managers have the opportunity to become a company’s next generation of business leaders as they advance in their careers.
Technology Sales Training

We are a sales and marketing consulting firm that enables companies involved in complex, high-value sales – including software, systems, medical and capital equipment, and service businesses- to use Buyer Focused Selling  practices to dramatically improve sales results. In addition, we specialize in improving sales teams’ ability to do effective territory and strategic account planning and implementation.

If you are like most Sales Executives, you experience challenges like:

Achieving aggressive sales targets
Bringing new products to market and penetrating new market segments
Winning market share in competitive markets and
Significantly improving return on Sales and Marketing efforts
We enable you to effectively achieve these goals.


K2 Solution Consulting


At vNEXT, our team of consultants helps you discover and re-engineer business processes into smart IT applications. We help you find and eliminate bottlenecks in your business processes. Our consulting services produce breakthrough solutions that leverage our experience working with businesses.

  • K2 BlackPearl process design and development

  • K2 Smartforms design and development

  • Custom Service Brokers

  • SmartObject Development

  • Refactoring Infopath/Sharepoint to Blackpearl/Smartforms

  • K2 Solution Architecture

  • K2 Center of Excellence


vNEXT can assist with -

  • K2 Purchasing / Licensing

  • Pre-installation environment analysis

  • K2 Server Installation

  • K2 Migration & Upgrade

  • Application Business Analysis

  • Application Solution Design

  • Application Development, Integration and Deployment


K2 Training -

  • This can be achieved through varying engagement options with vNext:

  • Purchase support packages (from 20 hour blocks to unlimited yearly support packages)

  • Utilize one or more of our resources either on or off-site to assist with your project requirements

  • Utilize one or more of our resources either on or off-shore to assist with your project requirements

  • Utilize the CoE to successfully deliver your project from any point within the SDLC.

  • K2 Maintenance 


Solutions provided by vNEXT are 100% supported by our dedicated support teams. We provide 24 x 7 x 365 Support coverage so you can relax. We offer reasonably priced support services to cater to all your support needs.

Providing value is not just delivering a breakthrough solution, but extending its life to ensure you have continued leverage of your investments. Our support offerings enable you to have your applications delivered by vNext continue to live up to their names.

Change is the only constant in this fast paced world of technology. Having access to our talented, passionate and committed consultants for break-fix, enhancements and preventative maintenance means you have the best people to help you face the tides of change with confidence.

We can take over 3rd party developed applications and support them in the areas of our expertise. If you have an issue with your K2 application or a Question on a K2 update, don’t hesitate to call us. Chances are that we have seen it and can help you using that experience. Please contact us via for further information on our SLAs and Support options.

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